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[Accepted] My app

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[Accepted] My app

Post  Ewanggonebig on 16th July 2008, 11:53 pm

1. Your Name:Eric Wengert

2. Character Name:Bigboyrobo

3. Email

4. Character Class:Demo

5. Character Level:40

6. Previous Guild (if applicable):malfunction

7. Why have you considered joining Honor Clan:you guys seem to be a great group of people i play cs,tf2 and some other games and i think i would have a great time with you guys am a fun and outgoing person and i will help others and will contribute to the guild

8. Past MMO Experience(s):wc3,world of warcraft,kalonline,flyff,silkroad

9. Past PvP Experience(s):i pvped alot in wow and iam in this game

10. Past Raid Experience:ive only done same instances in aoc so far like bc,and sanctum

11. Do you have a microphone for Ventrilo chat:yes

12. What is your usual playtime and how many hours do you average per week:between 4-12 everyday

13. Who is your Honor Clan sponsor (if applicable):?

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Re: [Accepted] My app

Post  Messman on 17th July 2008, 2:27 am

Thanks for applying. I'll contact you online.
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Re: [Accepted] My app

Post  Xiroas on 20th July 2008, 10:03 pm

Accepted, thanks for applying! Smile


proteininja wrote:What have I been doing while I've waited?

I solved world hunger.
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Re: [Accepted] My app

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