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PSYCH! Honor Clan is reforming!

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PSYCH! Honor Clan is reforming!

Post  Xiroas on 10th November 2008, 12:59 am

We are coming back soon!

A sad day in the eyes of a Guild Master, but a new day dawns in the age of Honor Clan; all I can say is that we tried, and I am sorry that it failed, people hopping on for five minutes, inactives, this really didn't help, we realize the fact that our days are numbered.

As a Guild Master, I would like to apologize, but I hold my head high and say that we did not fail, but we survived; we survived as a community, and I am proud to have been your leader for the past month and a half. We came into this game in hopes of bringing in a new dawn of our ideals, but we did not fail; no, Warhammer failed us, releasing a game that had HUGE class imbalances and bugs hurt the game, while WAR survived, Honor Clan did not.

Close to twelve years of gaming, our book is finally going to be closed. The chapter in the gaming saga called, 'The Guild: Honor Clan' has been finished, but I tell you; it will be retold. We have accomplished what we have set out to do, community, friendship, passion; all of this has been accomplished.

I offer to you, Honor Clan members, a new beacon; a new chapter for you, we are now Sword of the Dragon, we are now a part of another guild. I resign as current GM of Honor Clan, and place the crown back on the pedestal, for one day I will return to pick it up again.


Do not forget.

We will be back, and I will shake the foundations of Warhammer and bring in a new light.

Remember us.

And I thank you so much for giving me the honor to serve with you all, and leading us into this new path; I thank all of you, and hope to see you ingame.

Good bye, and good luck comrades:



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