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Xiroas AkA Admin, Webmaster - WAR Guild Master

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Xiroas AkA Admin, Webmaster - WAR Guild Master

Post  Xiroas on 12th July 2008, 5:00 am

Well, I guess I will start off; the names Nema, a 17 year old, I play a Priest of Mitra, and am a guild member of Honor Clan. As some of you realized, I own the Honor Clan site/forum, and heavily manage it; to ensure maximum workability and efficiency.

Now that we have moved onto WAR, I plan to bring about a whole new chapter for Honor Clan; and I can assure you, it will last. WAR has proved to be an exciting venture into the bounds of PvP and community, and we shall prevail Smile

I am a tech head, I love technology; and of course, Video Games. I am a fresh graduate of High School, soon I am enrolling in University for an interdisciplinary major, I am doing something that very few people do; creating my own major. And of course, it is in Video Game Design, as I wish to be a Video Game Designer. OH!, and I am working on a game; which is currently in writing, Ut Letum; which translated from Latin to English means, For Death.

That's pretty much me; here are my MySpace pages I guess...

My personal page:


proteininja wrote:What have I been doing while I've waited?

I solved world hunger.
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